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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A freelance web content writer's life could be than everyone else's?

(In Response to XIAUI)

I was just as shocked as Sharon.

Linda called me at 9 0'clock in the morning of 18th of March breaking the shocking news.

Our dearest professor, Dr. Nowarat Coowanitwong passed away at apparently 7am that day.

A few hours back, at around 2am that same day, Linda and I were having this conversation at the 108 Shop. The Controller Type A personality in me was prevailing again, turning me into a WITCH who wants to get things done fast, worrying so much, and end up getting too disappointed with a certain person not being able to deliver expected output for a certain course I am taking this semester.

At that very hour, while I was pouring outbursts, Linda said I should relax I bit. She said I shouldn't work so hard, or else I will be sick like Dr. Nowarat.

For the love of WORK, I stay up so late....and hardly sleep. I go to class at daytime, and work at night as a freelance web content writer, handling multiple projects at a time.

As a freelance web content writer, I hardly go out...since every single minute of my time counts...and it always gets to me when someone tells me "You work too much!" or something like "You better enjoy your life..." or another version like "You need to do something other than anything that has to do with computers, you know."

They say health is wealth.

And yes, probably, for every hour I miss to life gets shorter, and is an irreversible damage to my system (and I quote Alan Sabarillo)....

But what can I do...I work as a freelance web content writer...having fun most of the time...but also thinking about what price I have to pay in the future.

Dr. Nowarat is a remarkable person to me...

...and she will be remembered very well...

She has touched my life here at AIT...and she has left an unspoken legacy which all of us will keep in our hearts...her compassion to people, motivation, and sincerity is so contagious, it can move moved me to work harder for her subject. She touched my classmates and her colleagues lives just as much as well.

A true mentor...Dr. Nowarat is a gem I will keep in my heart.

Monday, March 02, 2009

"I work as a professional stripper online..."


...but I am just as tempted to say this each time anybody asks me what I do for a living online. It usually takes an internet savvy person to understand what exactly I am doing for a living.

I am about to celebrate my first year anniversary as a web content Ghost Writer...and probably only very few understand this kind of work.

The internet revolution indeed has paved way to many possible things, even to the globalization of outsourcing labor. I work for anyone around the globe, who are ethically called my "buyers", and I provide website services for them being one of their global "providers".

I do many things at one time. I do email support on a regular basis, write articles for website content, do social networking and SEO, and of course, do blogging as my break habit.

So called a Freelance Webwriter, I have ethically developed my own way of thinking in conjuction with my buyers'. I respect the fact that my buyers have timelines and deadlines to beat, and I meet to their expectations in the best way I can. They also respect the fact that I do this for a living, and pay with just compensation...making both parties happy.

What people perceived as standard ways of earning money in the past, might not be so true in the next 2-5 years. Being in an 8am-5pm job might not be as rewarding to me both financially and by principle, nor was it very friendly to my quality of life having my own busines a few months back.

With this online job that I have kept for almost a year now, it's an understatement to say that I am more than gratified. What more can I ask for? I have the passion to write and tinker with HTML, and I'm being paid to do what I really want.

As the internet has revolutionized in the past years, I have very high regards to those who collaborated on taking advantage of this technology by paving way to make HOME-BASED Jobs a reality. No overheads, no headaches. Just handle your time well, do something you love and are good at...and money will follow.

After all, an online stripper's job might just bore me in time...
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